ADI Powders News

Technological Advancement Results In New Pistol and Shotgun Propellant

31st of May 2018

Australian Munitions is pleased to announce the first of our newly formulated, most technologically advanced propellants to date.

Long Term Propellant Supply Confirmed

28th of February 2018

The Australian Defence Force has confirmed their decision for Thales Australia (as Australian Munitions) to continue munitions manufacture for long term ADI Propellant supply.

First Ever NZ SHOT Expo with Steve's Wholesale

26th of February 2018

ADI Propellant and Australian Outback Ammunition were both on sale at Steve's Wholesale stand at the first NZ SHOT expo held in Auckland on 17-18 February 2018.

Brodie McIntosh SA State Titles Victory

26th of February 2018

The 2018 competition season kicked off over the Australia Day long weekend with the South Australian IPSC Championships in Mt Gambier.

Victorian and Australian Match Rifle, Long Range F-Class Championships

18th of January 2018

During 8-14 November, the 2017 Match Rifle and Long Range F-Class Championships were held at the Stawell rifle range and neighbouring Stawell Clay target complex.

Update on the New Modernised Propellant Manufacturing Facility

20th of December 2017

Australian Munitions is excited to introduce the first of our new single based flake Australian Pistol Shotgun (APS) propellants.

ADI Sponsored Australian F Class Open Rifle Team Win the World Long Range Championships

13th of November 2017

This year ADI Powders sponsored both the Australian F Open team captained by Craig McGowan and supported Daryl Barlow also competing in the 2017 F-Class World Long Range Championships in Canada.

The Sika Hunting Show- Taupo, NZ

13th of November 2017

This year Australian Munitions (ADI Powders and Australian Outback) were lucky to be invited to attend the Sika Show at the Great Lake Centre, Taupo with Steve's Wholesale.

Interschool Shoot Wednesday 13 September 2017

13th of November 2017

Over 100 students competed at the Interschool Shoot at Wodonga SSAA Rifle Club.

Steve's Nymagee Hunting Trip

18th of September 2017

ADI sponsored shooter Steve Schrader is an avid part of the ADI community and is a regular feature on our website for his competitive action match shooting.

Melbourne Shot Expo an astounding success for Australian Munitions

20th of June 2017

Last month Australian Munitions participated in Melbourne SSAA SHOT Expo.

The 2017 National 500m Fly Championship

19th of May 2017

ADI World Class Powders and Ammunition sponsor the 2017 SSAA National Fly Shoot Championship, SSAA Eagle Park range at Little River, VIC 28-30th April.

ADI Shooter Brodie McIntosh wins 17th IPSC National Handgun Championship.

21st of April 2017

Over the Easter long weekend the 41st IPSC National Handgun Championships was held in Perth WA.

NSW IPSC Championship & 1st Grand Master Brodie McIntosh

22nd of March 2017

This month Australian Munitions Sponsored IPSC Shooter Brodie McIntosh competed at the NSW State Championships in Albury, NSW.

Steve Schrader starts the year off with a bang

10th of March 2017

Australian Munitions-sponsored shooter Steve Schrader took out the SSAA NSW State Titles, which were held at Blacktown Pistol club in February.

Magnificent 5 Round Group

30th of January 2017

Joe from NY who shot this magnificent 5 round group at 100yds at the Blue Mountain Sportsmanns Centre.

Australian Munitions Sponsors IPSC New Zealand Overall Winner - Brodie McIntosh

20th of December 2016

Brodie has had a cracking start to the season where he has just returned from taking out the overall win in Open Division at the NZ IPSC Nationals.

Australian Munitions a sponsor in the Australasian Police and Emergency Service Games

21st of November 2016

Last month the Queensland Police Service hosted The Australasian Police and Emergency Service games on the Sunshine Coast.

Congratulations to the lucky winners of our ADI Range bags!

28th of October 2016

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2015/2016 survey for all of your feedback, comments and questions.

9th edition of the ADI World Class Handloaders' Guide is available

28th of October 2016

This year's guide is once again packed with essential reloading data and great articles about the ADI 308 Brass, Lithgow Arms debut centrefire rifle and our new propellant factory in Mulwala.

Australian Munitions display on the Museum ship ex-HMAS Castlemaine

19th of October 2016

The Maritime Trust of Australia (MTA) owns and preserves the ex-HMAS Castlemaine at Williamstown, Victoria.

Steve Schrader takes out Barricades at NT State Titles and National Titles in Darwin

21st of September 2016

ADI sponsored NSW Action match pistol shooter Steve Schrader continues his outstanding year in shooting.

Australian Munitions sponsors 'Hell on Wheels' - 2016 ACT Single Action State Titles

14th of September 2016

The 2016 ACT State titles were recently hosted by the Majura Rangers at the SSAA Shooting Complex in Canberra.

Going for gold with ADI

9th of August 2016

Talented shooter Aislin Jones is competing in Rio - along with shotgun ammunition powered by ADI World Class Powders.

Australian Munitions Fundraiser and New Reloading Clinic

4th of August 2016

Australian Munitions started two new initiatives at the recent SSAA Shot Expo in Sydney, both of which exceeded expectations.

Thanks for visiting Sydney's SSAA Shot Expo

22nd of July 2016

The team at Australian Munitions says thank you to all the customers and supporters who visited the stand at the SSAA Shot Expo in Sydney at the end of June.

ADI Sponsors Brodie McIntosh - Australia's best IPSC Shooter

20th of July 2016

This year ADI Powders is sponsoring Brodie McIntosh - Australia's best IPSC shooter.

Australian Munitions sponsors 'Shoot for Autism' event

11 July 2016

The Third Annual 'Shoot for Autism' charity event recently took place at the Grantville Rifle Range in Victoria.

Sponsorship of NSW Shooter Steve Schrader

17 June 2016

This year ADI Powders are sponsoring a NSW Action Match pistol shooter Steve Schrader.

Australian Munitions Sponsors the 500m Fly and 200y Rimfire Nationals

19 May 2016

The 12th and 13th of March 2016 saw the 500m Fly National Championship and inaugural 200y Rimfire Nationals take place at the Majura SSAA Range in Canberra.

Australian Munitions Sponsors the 2015 Single Action ACT State Titles

18 January 2016

Last year the ACT State titles were hosted by the Majura Rangers at the SSAA Shooting Complex in Canberra.

Australian Munitions attends New Zealand Defence Industry Association Forum

14 December 2015

The New Zealand Defence Industry Association (NZDIA) was formed in 1993 to promote New Zealand defence opportunities.

Australian Munitions Sponsors the "Shoot for Autism"

30 November 2015

The second annual "Shoot for Autism" charity event took place at the Grantville Rifle Range, Victoria on Saturday 24th October '15

Update on ADI Pistol and Shotgun Powders

12 November 2015

Those of you who use our AP and AS series powders will be acutely aware that availability of these powders has been sporadic over the past couple of years.

First Ever SSAA Shot Expo Brisbane

28 October 2015

Australian Munitions, civilian firearms enthusiasts and professional hunters and shooters were among those that helped make the first ever Brisbane SSAA Shot Expo an astounding success.

ADI Powders and Ammunition announces additional distributors

23 May 2015

ADI Powders and Ammunition will soon add Outdoor Sporting Agencies (OSA) and NIOA as distributors of ADI World Class Powders and Ammunition.

ADI Powders releases largest ever Handloaders' Guide

20 May 2015

ADI Powders has released the 8th Edition of its Handloaders' Guide - the essential toolkit for Aussie reloaders.

CORRECTION of notice regarding ADI Pistol and Shotgun powders

31 March 2015

On 16 March, Australian Munitions released a notice regarding future developments in ADI Pistol and Shotgun powders. The notice incorrectly stated that the new range of APS powders will be phased in from May this year (2015).

NOTICE regarding ADI powder in Queensland

12 March 2015

Australian Munitions regrets to announce that we are currently experiencing some logistical difficulties with the distribution of powder in Queensland.

NOTICE regarding ADI Pistol and Shotgun powders

12 March 2015

Australian Munitions is making some changes to the way we manufacture our pistol and shotgun powders.

ADI Powders return to full production

13 January 2015

ADI is once again in full production of AS30N, AP50N, AS50N, AP70N and AP100.

NOTICE regarding Pistol and Shotgun powders

12 June 2014

As mentioned, we had a production issue in 2013 that saw us unable to produce AP70N. After this was resolved.

Disruptions to powder supply - AP70N

4 February 2014

We regret to inform reloaders that, due to an ongoing issue affecting the production of AP70N.

Disruptions to powder supply

6 June 2013

ADI Powders are aware that some of our customers may have lately experienced some difficulty in getting hold of some of our powders.

Bench Mark 8208 launches at Shot Show

13 June 2012

ADI Powders is launching its extruded Bench Mark 8208 propellant at this week's Shot Show in Sydney.

5th edition Handloaders' guide released

3 June 2010

The 5th edition of the ADI Powders Handloaders' Guide is now available, click here to download.

New pistol cartridges data added ...

27 October 2009

Reloading data for 18 new pistol cartridges has been added to our comprehensive range.

New rifle cartridges data added ...

20 July 2009

Reloading data for 9 new rifle cartridges has been added to our comprehensive range.

More data added!

19 December 2007

Reloading data for the 460 S&W Magnum pistol cartridge and 14 new rifle cartridges has been added to our extensive range of data.

New propellant Trail Boss released

17 July 2007

AR2206H replaces AR2206

11 July 2007

Propellant AR2206H is finally set to replace AR2206 on the Australian & New Zealand reloading market.

Colour change of AR2205

10 May 2007

The colour of AR2205 has been made darker to align its appearance with other ADI sporting propellants sold in the US market.

Review of pack sizes for rifle powders

24 November 2006

ADI has recently reviewed propellants and the pack sizes offered in the Australian and New Zealand commercial markets.

4th edition Handloaders' Guide news release

16 December 2004

The 4th edition of the ADI Powders Handloaders' Guide is now available.

New Propellant AR2225 released

6 October 2004

This new ADI propellant has a very slow burning rate and is optimised for the 300 Remington Ultra Magnum cartridge.

New Single Action Data!

6 September 2004

Reloading data for propellant AR2206H has been included in calibres 30-30 Winchester, 38-55 Winchester and 45-70 Government.

More Data!

30 August 2004

Reloading data for 14 new rifle cartridges has been introduced to our comprehensive range.

New propellant AR2206H released.

18 August 2004

This new ADI propellant has a burning rate slightly slower than the AR2206 powder and is in between the AR2206 and AR2208 powders.

New propellant AR2219 released.

18 May 2004

This new ADI propellant was originally developed for the Australian Defence Force for use in 5.56mm weapons.